Kickass meets a vote

Kickass, the doorstop dog, passes along the following on this Election Day:

“Hi: I am a Vote.  I’ve been around since long before Eve heeded the asp’s campaigning and voted to bite the apple, after which she offered it to Adam and they both grabbed for fig leaves, and each other, not necessarily in that order.

“As a Vote, I have been involved in some really heavy duty stuff, like booting out the owning, selling and abusing of fellow humans in the practice of slavery; or finally recognizing that women have rights, should get equal pay and need to decide on their own whether or not to have a baby.

“Some of my Vote predecessors have been party to things that did not work out, once using votes to prohibit anyone from having a drink, even if they really needed one, say after paying for a daughter’s wedding or discovering a pool of oil on the garage floor.  This “prohibition” had to change, and did, using Votes.

“As a Vote, I have been sold, stolen, manipulated, lost and denied, but despite all of these things, I remain the only real tool for holding together groups of incredibly diverse characters to the point that they can share portions of the planet without killing each other on a wholesale basis, at least part of the time.

“Votes can make humble people feel important when they “cast” them, and humiliate narcissistic yahoos when they count them.

“Election Day, being at least as important as Ground Hog’s Day, should, of course be a national holiday. “Vote Out A Dope Day,” or “The Goats’ Vote Day.”  And if the shadow of a Vote is seen it does not mean four more years of disaster, it means the sun is shining, at last!

“Best wishes from your friendly Vote.”

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