Kickass Memorial Day 2023

Kickass, the doorstop dog and the keeper, on this 2023 Memorial Day, salutes all of those who dodged bullets in the cause of preserving respectability at home and abroad through the years.

 As usual in the keeper’s experience he is moved to remember the two platoon members from Michigan who were such good pals–enjoying each other’s jokes and doing everything together–including dying when the artillery shell landed on our Korean mountain-top I&R observation post.

As every veteran knows, in the vagaries of war, the phrase “It could have been me” looms as a constant.

To the former Michigan pals, the keeper responds, “I’m happy it wasn’t me and I am sorry it was you. Life is good, and you would have enjoyed it as I have.

“Thinking of you on this Memorial Day of 2023.”

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