Kickass message for FB and friends

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper posted the following for FB convenience: As you—FB, make it increasingly annoying to use your facility to communicate with friends and family—constant ads and marketable profiles based on your sticking your nose into my personal life, to make it easier for your customer analysts, let the record show that I am an old pissed off liberal, so go sell that!

On a equally annoying note, it now appears that the country’s budget is being held up by financing for a wall around Mexico or a tunnel under the Hudson River.  Kickass suggests that a compromise would build a wall around the White House to keep the main narcissist confined and away from women, and that the tunnel be dug under the Capital so the shameless politicians will have a big hole to crawl into when there is a reckoning.

Kickass also says “Hi” to Putin.

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