Kickass message to moms

Kickass, the doorstop dog, turns it over to the keeper who has thoughts about his mother on the eve of this Father’s Day weekend.  Though she has been gone lo these many years, like all mothers, she comes to mind often, and in the keeper’s case such motherly thoughts were prompted in part recently by Trump’s claim that thousands of parents of Korean casualties had pleaded with him for the return of the remains of their loved ones.  That, of course, would make them all well over 100 years old, 110 for the keeper’s mother.

So the keeper, in messaging his dear departed mother says, “Mom, you told me to never tell a lie, and as a long-time member of the ‘fake’ media, I tried to remember that.  So what do you think Trump’s mother told him?

“And while I’ve got your attention, Mom, remember how you forced me to go to vacation Bible school just days after regular school got out and how much I hated it and how it’s lessons apparently didn’t take.  Well when AG Sessions quotes the Bible as justification for tearing apart immigrant families, I don’t feel the least bit guilty about playing a lifetime of Bible school hooky.  Aside from that, Mom, thanks for writing all those letters to me in Korea and for being the greatest Mom there ever was!”


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