Kickass Milks the Cows

Kickass, the doorstop dog, tries to keep the keeper from wallowing in the “back-in-my-day” swamp but it is a tough job, as evidenced by his recent lamenting over his personal experience of hand-milking cows which resulted in relationships that were not always warm and cozy: he once got kicked into a filthy gutter just because a fishhook in his hat speared an unsuspecting cow’s flank.

So the keeper is thinking about the tens of thousands of Wisconsin cows that are daily milked in totally impersonal and mechanical ways by people who do it because it is a dirty job and  nobody else wants to do it, and it is a way to support yourself and the family that is new to this country.

The keeper takes his hat—sans fishhook, off to those thousands of cow milkers, and says they are a lot more welcome in Wisconsin than the Foxy Conners from Taiwan who have been positioned by Walker to steal Lake Michigan and the grandkids’ financial wellbeing.

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