Kickass Moon set over Mazo

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper, noting that the competition for sunset photos being what it is, this morning he went for a moon set photo—Moon over Mazo, and declares himself the winner only because there were no other entries.

The hazards of photographing while propped up with pillows in your own bed cannot be overstated.  That and the irresistible draw of “Morning Joe” on the corner TV speaks to a steely determination on the part of the keeper.

The moon set ended around 6:30 with a small orange smudge on the western horizon, which served as an unfortunate reminder of the larger orange smudge in the White House that the “Morning Joe” crew was ranting about.  The keeper turned off the TV and stared out the darkened window to see if the moon was really gone.  It was.

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