Kickass morning woodpecker

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper took another hit in his quest to become a great wildlife photographer on a recent morning when he was in bed getting his daily TV fix of liberal bias and a pileated woodpecker landed in the old oak just 20 feet from the bedroom window.

It was a startlingly beautiful thing to see, and the keeper watched for some seconds before realizing what a photo op the big bird presented.  He finally got up and found his camera and came back to the bedroom to see the pileated fly off just as a “V” of geese flew overhead in exactly the right position to be a backdrop for the woodpecker shot.

Kickass would suggest a body camera for the keeper’s pajamas if it were not for the laughable erotic absurdities that might imply to some “low” thinkers.  In the meantime, the keeper is practice photographing a fauve bird on a string, and thinking maybe he should watch some Fox and Friends.



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