Kickass naps through bad weather


Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper, having refused to accept the weather for this coming weekend, is looking for things to do when there is no weather.  As a dog, Kickass does not see a problem: You simply nap through the weatherless time in a warm, sheltered place, refusing to do anything the least bit productive until acceptable weather reappears.  The keeper, however, has agreed to a couple of book events to promote his novel Margaret’s War—in Mazomanie at Base Camp restaurant Saturday at 6:30 pm, and at the annual meeting of the Dane County Historical Society at Lussier Family Heritage Center, 3101 Lake Farm rd. Sunday 1-3 pm. So there goes the napping for him. It is his own fault for being such an ineffective manager of time.  He somehow lost control of time shortly after graduating from high school, and has spent the intervening years denying that it passes as fast as it does, and that it has made him into a senior citizen emeritus with no more power over the weather than a groundhog.

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