Kickass north woods and walker

Kickass, the doorstop dog, notes that hounders from all over the country are now letting their hounds chase very last living thing in Wisconsin’s north woods because Wisconsin is the only place in the US that permits such a “hound training” travesty, 14 hours a day, anything goes, including invasion of wolf territories.

So Kickass is wondering, since Gov. Walker is okay with this, if there is not some way for him to make some political hay, perhaps by creating something like a “Foxy Con” award whereby instead of a hound owner receiving $2,500 from the state if one of his hounds is killed under the current policy, he gets $100,000, and his picture taken with Walker and that Russian bimbo.

Kickass, being related to both the hounds and the wolves, mourns for all of them, and says a Governor who gives $4 billion in taxpayer money to a foreign corporation while refusing to move off a $7.25 minimum wage reg. needs to be turned loose in the north woods with a bag of bacon rinds around his neck.


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