Kickass of Mice and Men

Kickass, the doorstop dog, watched the keeper spend the better part of an afternoon preparing his motor home for winter storage, the major effort being to make it as unfriendly to mice as possible, which the keeper does in a dispirited mood due to a long history of failure.  On one occasion mice got into the wiring and chewed it up to the tune of an $800 repair bill.

So there are a dozen peanut butter-baited traps, several electronic devices that promise to send mice squeaking and screaming over into the next county, coyote scent crystals sprinkled about, dishes of poison set out, and sheets of a laundry product purported to send mice into apoplexy and fatal spasms.

It occurred to the keeper at one point that his offensive/defensive efforts toward the motor home mice may somehow provide ideas for the great orange pumpkin in the White House as he—the GOP, tries to convince the populace of the need to defend against a foreign invasion of women and children along the southern border.  He—the keeper will take that chance, however, and hopes that as the great orange one sets multiple traps, one of them accidentally snaps shut on his privates..




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