Kickass old men know when old men die

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper is reciting the poem by Ogden Nash that concludes “old men know when an old man dies,” the occasion, of course, being the death of Hugh Heffner at 91 “in his home of natural causes,” which the keeper questions and hopes that Heffner died for not heeding the Viagra ad warning that says to call a doctor if you “experience an erection lasting more than four hours”.

Back in the dark ages when the Playboy club invited a bunch of Wis. St. Jour. staffers to its grand opening at Lake Geneva, the keeper, looking not at bunnies but for a story angle, sat at a table with Hugh’s parents and tried to find out if his mother approved of the proceedings.  She did.

Managing editor Fitzpatrick was irate at the front page play the Playboy Club stories were given and chewed out a number of people—some suspected because he had not been on the invitation list; and Fitz  neglected to compliment the journalistic dedication of his staffer who, when surrounded by Playboy “bunnies” chose to interview an elderly married woman in the company of her husband, that staffer now obviously one of those old men who “knows.”

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