Kickass on a bear hound rant, again

Kickass, the doorstop dog, enjoys these perfect summer days along with every other dog, except those that have been conditioned by their “higher intelligence” keepers to torment bears and every other creature in Wisconsin’s otherwise magnificent and sacred north woods as a bear “training” exercise.

It goes on now—Wisconsin being the ONLY state where such an outrage is permitted, and if one of the “training” dogs should be killed by a wolf defending its pups, the dog’s owner is paid $2,500 from public funds.

Kickass says, come on folks, with all of the bullshit produced by the current leadership at all levels, can’t we at least face up to this travesty foisted upon us by a bear-killing lobby—much of it from other states, and say NO, NOT IN OUR BACK YARD! WE ARE BETTER THAN SUCH ABJECT INHUMANITY.

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