Kickass on chewing a willow stick

Kickass, the doorstop dog, said the keeper, is trying mightily to ignore the Orange haired idiot who is on his way to Utah to give away cherished public monuments after endorsing Roy Moore, dissing the FBI and hearing Billy Bush say, “Oh, yeah, Trumpy, you indeed said that about grabbing women by their privates.”

But it is tough to put such things out of your mind, and to divert his so called thought process, yesterday the keeper visited a beaver colony along the Wisconsin River at the foot of Ferry Bluff.  The beaver have been doing a lot of gnawing and he saw where they had cut trees to shore up their lodge along the river bank, and where they had stopped to have lunch—chewing the bark off willow branches and leaving a bit of a mess.

Remembering a connection between aspirin and willow, the keeper thought maybe gnawing on a willow stick might ease his headache over brainless, unconscionable political leaders on both a state and national level.

Unfortunately it didn’t.

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