Kickass on Tax day


Kickass, the doorstop dog, advises the keeper on most issues, and keeping right with the tax people is no exception.  Up front, the keeper has agreed to public release of his tax records in case he ever runs for high office.  As a start, he is displaying today an official statement of his complete investment portfolio as it is faithfully corded for him each month by Ameritrade on two pages in a 5×8 windowed envelope.  It shows a current value of one cent, but an “estimated yield” of “.07,” which gives the keeper something to look forward to. At first, the keeper thought that the one-cent portfolio put him in the “one percent” where all the Trump tax breaks are, but of course he was wrong.  The fact is he is down at the bottom of the heap where everyone pays through the nose so the one percenters can have yachts as big as aircraft carriers and control the elections as if they were church raffles.  Kickass says happy tax day!

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