Kickass One Baby bump gone

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper’s clan was delighted to welcome a new member the day before Christmas—Romy Marie arrived as scheduled and reports are that she is perfect in every regard.  Life for Lindsey and Steve will now take on a new dimension, one beyond their grandest and most concerning expectations.

So one of the four baby-bumps photographed at an earlier family gathering is gone, with two others waiting anxiously in the wings.  You may recall that the keeper won the baby-bump contest which moved him to take measures to eliminate at least some of his faux pregnancy.

Denied the miracle of birth as a weight loss opportunity, the keeper cut out booze and sweets, and while some progress has been made, it is now apparent that if he had actually been pregnant it would have been with twins.  Welcome from us all, Romy Marie, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!



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