Kickass only the women can do it

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joined the keeper in watching a lecture on the Wisconsin Channel this morning by Prof. John Hawks of the UW Anthropology dept. describing the retrieval of ancient bones from South African caves where access crevices were so small only people of smaller stature could get to the retrieval area, which meant that women made up much of the study crew.

It was fascinating to watch photos of these women squeezing themselves through incredibly small spaces to help with the endless quest to learn just where the hell we came from and who our ancient relatives were.

Prof. Hawks said that as a man of average physical makeup there was no way he could get to the place where the answers to some anthropological questions have been waiting for 250,000 years.  The keeper, being big on symbolism, hopes that now, as women crawl through the narrow cultural cracks of existing masculine arrogance and ignorance, it will not be 250,000 years before men somehow get into and out of the cave.

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