Kickass out from under porch

Kickass, the doorstop dog, having joined the keeper in crawling through the dirt under the public communication porch, as revealed Sunday by the 60-Minutes whistleblower, reports that he—the keeper, finds it impossible to stay under there with his mouth shut—Surprise, Surprise!—and will resume ranting on some of the following outrages, some of which are seemingly promoted for profit by the indifference to truth and veracity on social sites like this one:

*McConnell—The suave Kentucky hillbilly in his diamond studded coonskin cap.

*Manchin and Sinema—Waving their “ME ME!” ransom notes.

*Men telling women how to have babies.

*The Wisconsin DNR Board, led by sit-in Prehn in establishing open seasons on ignorance and resource abuse.

*Vos and his minority-rule Repub gang of narcissistic nabobs sticking their long noses into the kids’ school rooms.

*Wisconsin paying $2500 to the owners of hounds killed by wolves defending their pups.

*State and Federal Supreme Courts dominated by political hacks with agendas.

*Technology and its toll on the keeper’s age group.

*Wisconsin Weather with its 4th of July blizzards and fall-on-your-ass ice for long, cold months.

It was, of course absurd, for the keeper to even think of muzzling himself at this point in a life that has been built around his personal blather, and he apologizes for the misstep as he crawls out from under the porch, reeking of biases and ranting non-stop.








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