Kickass outdoor advocacy

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper went to a recent gathering of an advocacy outdoor group and found its causes as outrageous as they have always been.  No, it was not the NRA, which has become at the national level nothing more than a narcissistic tool of the gun industry.  It was TU—Trout Unlimited, which, as its name implies, believes strongly in fishing.

While the NRA insists on more guns, TU members insist on more fly-rods, some of them costing exorbitant sums, and they also scatter across the watershed landscapes to improve the condition of streams by actually working with their hands so they can come back and use those expensive rods to catch beautiful little trout, some of which they eat but most of which they release back into the water.

And they are into bugs.  They make bugs for each other—they call it fly-tying, and they swap and sell and give these bugs to each other in an exercise that if examined in a stand-alone posture would see all of the TU members committed or at least contained in a pasture like so many demented goats. The keeper said it was a great meeting and added that TU activity is protected by the 1st Amendment which allows a 10-inch trout to become a 12-incher in any after-the-fact accounting.



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