Kickass pays for dog poop


Kickass, the doorstop dog, would like to mark the apparent end of the two-month- long absence of common sense, decency and compassion in the state of Wisconsin as its citizens stand idly by while bear hounders from all over the country turn their hounds loose in the state’s woods in July and August as “training exercises” just when all of the other wild creatures—including wolves, are engaged in rearing their young.  Wolves in protecting their pups sometimes kill a hound, but not to worry, the state pays the hounder $2500 for his dead dog so he can replace it for the coming season.  Earlier this year, the DNR board approved a new bear management plan, and left in place these outrageous “summer training” and pay-out provisions which exist ONLY in Wisconsin.  What the hell, people!  Kickass is suggesting that canine considerations of such offensive nonsense be expanded to all dog parks and the DNR offer to pay for plastic bags full of dog poop.  That makes as much sense as turning over the magnificient summer woods to invading hounders.

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