Kickass perils of adulthood

Kickass, the doorstop dog, has just a few words for the young marchers today:  You are right to be out of patience with the adult world as it pertains to guns and lots of other things.  Think of adults as squirrels who tend to gather more nuts than they can bury, and who waste a lot of effort trying to break into bird-feeders.

Or you could think of adults as rabbits who put a high priority on propagation and develop nasty habits like sneaking into Mr. McGregor’s garden with increasing disregard for the damage done to the McGregor family.

The thing to get out of this march is to realize that someday you too will become adults—unless, of course, you get killed by some idiot with a gun, and then you will have to decide if, as adults, you can be better squirrels or rabbits than the current crop. If Kickass had any money to wager he would put it all on you.

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