Kickass plays golf with Favre and POTUS

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper would be well served if he could simply “sit and stay” on some issues.  But such sensible behavior is apparently beyond him, and this is obvious now as he tries to assist sports fans in processing Brett Farve’s recent round of golf with the POTUS.  This high profile sporting event occurred shortly after Farve had said that Colin Kaepernick was a “hero” for taking a knee in support of racial injustice; and long after the POTUS had suggested that any NFL team owner should say of such knee-taking behavior, “Get that son-of-a-bitch off the field. He’s fired!”

To Wisconsinites, Brett is like a one-time, high stepping and high profile uncle who fell off the glamour wagon, landed in the NFL soup of ego and commercialism, and now seems to be struggling in the Trump-poisoned social tureen with the rest of the populace.

It is the POTUS’s thinking, of course, that playing golf with Brett will shore up the Nov. 3 vote in Wisconsin, Minnesota and maybe New York.  Farve’s thinking is not quite so obvious or odious.  The keeper suggests it may be only as deep as a southern good ol’ boy deciding to have a little fun playing golf with a really weird duck.

Kickass sees the situation more in terms of a former aging greyhound, long out of championship racing, and now trading sniffs at the dog park with an old distemper-carrying mutt.

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