Kickass political dog parallels


Kickass, the doorstop dog, has given up his search for dog-world parallels to what is transpiring in the human political world.  Last night he tried to make the presidential debate into a situation whereby one-half of the dogs who want to chase limos lined up and barked at each other.  Previously he created a situation in which no self-respecting dog would agree to live in the White House because the POTUS is not house broken.  Then he compared senate leader McConnell to a grossly obese basset hound sprawled in the hall so nobody can use the bathroom, or any other room in the house.  Finally, Kickass tried to make something of that odd biological circumstance that has copulating dogs physically connected long after the deed is done, but his thinking stalled at the current occupant of the Oval Office.  So the final conclusion is that it is not fair to dogs to compare their world to what goes on in US politics, giant pooper-scoopers and huge plastic waste bags notwithstanding.

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