Kickass political nuthatches

Kickass, the doorstop dog, notes that the nuthatches are back to provide entertainment for the keeper as he takes his morning exercise ride to nowhere next to the bedroom window, while over in the corner the TV regurgitates an endless stream of political nuttiness.

The nuthatches are occupying the same hole in the battered old oak that looks as if it has been through barrages of canon fire.  The birds go about their family-raising business with great purpose, and unaware that their name derives from their habit of sticking an insect or a “nut” in a crevice and then pecking at it until it “hatches.”

So it is no contest as to whether the keeper now looks out the window at the nuthatches or over at the corner TV with its political nuttiness.  In fact, there have been many past days when staring at the empty oak knothole was preferred.  But it is really nice to have the nuthatches back.




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