Kickass Porta-Potty Immigration Policy

Kickass, the doorstop dog, through his secret sources has learned of the proposed Porta-Potty Iimmigration Policy (PPIP) now under development in the orange one’s White House.

Vast sums of money saved by defunding programs that help needy recipients will be spent to purchase hundreds of thousands of Porta-Pottys which will be lined up along US borders to act as housing for prospective immigrants.  It will be the Border Patrol’s job to tip the Porta-Pottys on their sides each night for sleeping purposes.  As pointed out by Orange Head, the Porta-Pottys, whether upright or on their sides, will serve as the wall he has promised.

The PPIP is viewed by all Repubs as a stroke of stable genius and they have lined up to hand the orange one complimentary rolls of toilet tissue.  Both Ryan and McConnell said they would be happy to  show him how to use the tissue if he would continue allowing them to kiss his ass.

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