Kickass Postal Svc and Facebook

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper has always been a defender of the US Postal Service, charged as it is with the impossible task of daily delivery to every man, woman and child in the country six days a week, even now as the mail has deteriorated to unsolicited flyers from venders of all stripes.

Where are the letters from Mom?  The keeper’s mother was an incredible letter writer, through a tour in Korea and for decades of delightful entertainment for him and his family right up until the day it became physically impossible for her to keep it up.

Zuckerberg could learn a few things from the Postal Service and Mom.  You don’t open Mom’s letters so you can tell a dealer that Uncle Ben threw a tire iron through the windshield of his car, or the neighbor’s lawnmower exploded.  It’s doubtful Mom would have used Facebook, but if she had she would have stuck her thumb in Zuckerberg’s eye and demanded the respect and privacy she got from the Postal Service.




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