Kickass pregnant at the border

Kickass, the doorstop dog, may or may not accept the keeper’s analysis of political machinations along the southern border but as he—the keeper sees it, the great orange pumpkin is calling up 15,000 soldiers to protect the country from the unborn babies of prospective residents—constitutional birth right provisions, and from a ragged group of desperate refugees struggling to survive a thousand miles from the border.

That this abject indecency speaks to the American spirit is as unlikely as the keeper, having twins, which is more or less what he did to rid himself of a baby-bump after appearing in a photo with three pregnant granddaughters in law.

The three great grandkids have been born and are thriving, the keeper is no longer pregnant, and life goes on apace, even including the thrill of unlikely romance intense enough to moderate even news of the shameful absurdity along the border.  Life is good, the keeper says, and no damn orange idiot can change that!

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