Kickass Pres. Denier 2

Kickass, the doorstop dog, having launched the KICKASS PRESIDENTIAL DENIERS (KPD) foundation with open membership to all those who feel they cannot accept a narcissistic jerk as president or they will go crazy and be unable to feel good about themselves, the country or the World after Jan.20, issues this first of what could become a long list of guidelines:

Guideline 1. Since there is no president, the orange-haired one in the White House exists only to provide comic relief and can never be taken seriously.  Act accordingly.

(Already applications for KPD membership and local charters are rolling in and will be responded to shortly.)  In the meantime, the KPD motto: “NO PRESIDENT MAKES AMERICA GRACIOUS AGAIN” is beginning to be heard across the land.  Kickass reminds members and potential members to use the KPD secret handshake whereby the dominant middle fingers are briefly hooked together and then individually raised on high, which, when slightly bent, becomes the universal sign of recognition for KPD members.  (A bent raised middle finger may also indicate old age but the message is still there.  Do not be deterred.)

Kickass the Doorstop Dog

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