Kickass pres denier

Kickass, the doorstop dog, announces the creation of the KICKASS PRESIDENTIAL DENIERS  (KPD) foundation, which will be non profit as well as pointless, except as it pertains to giving relief to citizens who simply cannot accept a narcissistic woman-groping, handicap-ridiculing, race-baiting, money-hungry xenophobe as leader.  The KPD bylaws are yet to be written but will in some respects likely be similar to those used by the birth deniers led by the orange-haired one for many years.  Eventually there will be KPD t-shirts and bumper stickers offered at cost.  In the meantime, KPD members can identify themselves with handmade signs and by using the secret handshake which is done by hooking the dominant middle fingers briefly together before extending them into the air in that universally recognized signal of disapproval.  Kickass will extend charters—yet to be written, to chapters at any and all locations.  A simple request will suffice.  An early KPD motto, which is subject to alteration, is: “There is no president so let us make America GRACIOUS Again! ”  Kickass hopes to hear from all of you potential KPDers.  Let’s make this HUUUUge!

Kickass the Doorstop Dog

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