Kickass rain for the bikers

Kickass, the doorstop dog, riding with the keeper across the gray driftless coulees where the landscape looks like a garage floor that hasn’t been swept all winter, saw lots of motorcyclists who simply had to be out there on the first day when the temperature got up to 60.

So we all have our gripes about the tenacious winter that may or may not be over, and it isn’t really over for the bikers: there is all that leftover sand on the road surfaces that prevent cycle—and bicycle tires from doing their bite to maintain balance.“We need a damn good rain,” the biker said as he exited the bar and got on his bright red ride and eased around the corner.

Our “needs” are many at all levels of our cluttered existence, but, damn-it, can we at least get some rain so the bikers of all stripes don’t skid off into the ditches.

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