Kickass refuses Dec. 3, 2023

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper, without discussing it with Phyllis, has taken executive action to bank Dec. 3, 2023 for possible later use, maybe in 2024.

The keeper’s decision to decline immediate delivery of Dec. 3, 2023 was made after he woke up early on Madison’s west side to total darkness– all the streetlights were out, and there was not even a slight hint that there would eventually be a light-producing sunrise.

It turned out that there was in fact no sunrise, but instead a suncreep, not unlike a sewer leak whereby very limited quantities of creepy light provided just enough illumination to support the keeper’s decision to bank the unattractive day for another time, maybe next July when an extra day might be needed to extend a family picnic and better use could be made of ice-and slush—to cool the beer perhaps.

Having created a day-long time blank, the keeper advises that he will be spending it staying in where it is warm, staring out the window at the icy slop and urging Phyllis to make some of her delicious chicken vegetable soup, as soon as Dec. 4, 2023.

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