Kickass rejects horse shit

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports the keeper’s impatience with an allegedly enlightened populace’s unwavering allegiance to some of the rules that were written back when a major traffic problem was horse shit in the streets.

That there are laudable basic precepts to live by in the 200-year-old US Constitution is a given, but that part about being allowed–even encouraged, to deal with daily issues by having a gun loaded and handy at all times, is another circumstance of horse shit.

There are obviously good things about a country that functions from a cowboy mentality–saving ranchers’ daughters comes to mind, but carrying a gun to shop at Walmart’s, that is horse shit.

Putting gun control regs in place will not end shootings, but it will at least encourage the citizenry to carry shovels in place of a guns: it makes no sense to shoot horse shit, but shoveling it off today’s crowded streets does.

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