Kickass remembers Bill Cosby

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper remembers a young, slender Bill Cosby playing pool with Marty Allen at the opening of the Playboy Club in Lake Geneva where he—the keeper, as a guest media sort, had a delightful session talking with Hugh Hefner’s parents. We are talking ancient history here, and memories that spawn long chains of events and developments.

That the keeper spent time with an elderly couple while in the midst of platoons of Playboy bunnies and show biz celebrities perhaps defines his comfort zone and speaks to his innate intimidation in the face of things not having a bucolic connection.  It has been both an asset and a handicap down through the years.

We wear our personality traits like underwear—sometimes itchy and always binding in one way or another, and forever acting as a behavioral compass.  So Cosby heads for prison today because of what flawed personality traits led him to do; and the keeper’s memory of him as that smiling, jovial, carefree young man becomes ever more faded and dim.

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