Kickass remembers Bill K

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says that the keeper and Phyllis will join many others today to say goodbye to Bill Kraus who died recently after a long life that illustrated how to make meaningful contributions to the Homo Sapien climb up the slippery slope.  When the noise level at the Friday meeting of what Bill called the “has beens,” reached its crescendo level and then finally ebbed, it remained for the quiet voice of Bill Kraus to put a good humored cap on things, one that cleared the air and often made the popular take seem like the shallow yipping of a tethered dog.  The keeper says he will forever see the tilted head and the raised eyebrows and the smile of Bill Kraus in response to something that obviously needed to be thought through a bit more.  Some of us—too many of us, go through life with our brains shut and our mouths open.   Bill knew this and was amused by it, and in the kindest of ways, he did his damndest to save us from ourselves.

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