Kickass remembers pearl harbor

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper recalls the widely used “Remember Pearl Harbor,” catch phrase from WWII days, and suggests its revival along with some editing: “Forget Pearl Harbor and Remember Jan. 6.”

If ever there was a day that will “live in infamy,” it is Jan. 6, 2021, and the keeper sees some risk in the dates—Dec. 7 and Jan. 6 being so numerically close together that they may be confused by history.  Throw into the mix Sept. 11, which incidentally is the keeper’s birthday, and there can be Land-of-Oz confusion over what days deserve what kind of acknowledgement.  Here’s a brief chart from the keeper that may be helpful:

Dec. 7—Sneak attack that started WWII that killed an estimated 80 million people, and powered up the military-industrial complex that dominates and cripples the US economy to this day.   Remember it!

Jan. 6—Sneak attack on Democracy and the US Capitol by mobs of brainless scarecrows being led through the Land of Oz by a scarecrow so brainless that he thinks he is the Wizard.  People maimed and killed.  Remember it!

Sept. 11—Sneak attack on NY’s Twin Towers by terrorists that kills nearly 6,000 people and shakes the US sense of invincibility to its core.  Remember it!  (Follow the keeper’s example and ignore the part about it being his birthday.)

Jan.7, 2022—Today.  It is a good day.  Remember it!

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