Kickass replaces police with friends

Kickass, the doorstop dog, wholeheartedly supports the keeper’s campaign to replace all police forces with “Civilian Friendship Forces,” (CFF) even to the extent of eliminating the use of the words “police” and “cop” as was done with the “N” word.  Hence, in matters of needing help for an accident or an emergency, people would call on CFF “friends” instead of police, “pals” instead of cops.

The keeper made a couple of “journeys”—to Turkey and Hungary, under the auspices of the International Friendship Force created by Jimmy Carter in 1977 to promote international peace and understanding.  It meant staying in the homes of normal people to get a beyond-tourist sense of their lives.  The visits were wonderful experiences.

The current militarized, unionized police forces with us-against-them mentalities are beyond saving.  The keeper’s Civilian Friendship Force members would be recruited from inside the communities of the people they serve—from living in the people’s homes so there is an understanding of just what their  hell their jobs are—to be “friends” and not plantation foremen.  White cops in black neighborhoods is as offensive and unproductive as parading armored vehicles on residential streets.  There would be none of that under the CFF.

This is doable, the keeper contends, given serious intent to do something about racism, and given leadership that rises above the scum of societal ignorance now prevailing.  Those are big “givens,” but a start would be eliminating the “p” and the “c” words and replacing them with “friend.”





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