Kickass reporters and thinking

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper does his damndest to stay out of the narcissistic Trump woods because of its crowded conditions, but with the comb-over king telling a reporter she is not thinking and “never does,” he feels compelled to address the issue of reporters and thinking, based, of course, on his 35 or so years as a reporter.

The keeper distinctly remembers several occasions during that time when, as a reporter, he actually had undeniable thoughts about something.  One was while talking to Liz Taylor when she dedicated the Woodruff hospital and the keeper says he definitely remembers thinking, “Damn, she is a woman!”  Another was sleeping in a Bad River deer yard on a 30 below zero night and thinking that he was going to freeze his ass.

The campaign to demean and distort the work of objective reporters and to control the news and to say that reporters do not think is obviously part of the campaign to control the peasants, but it isn’t going to work, Sweetpea, because the peasants, if they know one thing, it is how to identify unadulterated bullcrap.


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