Kickass reversal of the Maypole

Kickass, the doorstop dog, feels only a smidgen of guilt for his late post since it was the keeper’s fault for involving half the world in his—the keeper’s minor health issue that has him dancing around the Maypole to stop the relentless passage of time so these halcyon days go on forever.

As if it were some grand epiphany, the keeper suggests that the ability to recognize such treasured days is crucial.  Well never mind that dogs have been doing this for centuries: you get a sunny day and you, by god, flop down and soak up the sunshine.  It is that simple.

Humans too often clutter up their days with complaints and judgmental bullshit, and when the sun blasts out in a joyous warm explosion they grab for dark glasses and run for shade.  It is no wonder that the futurists have them slated to exit long before the cockroaches, and the dogs..



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