Kickass River Hex goes on

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the Wisconsin River hex that was put on the keeper when he and son Mike tried to float the river and ended up on a desert-like sandbar is apparently still in place.

Back at home, the dismantling of the outboard to replace a sand-damaged impeller, a task that is out there on the edge of the keeper’s capacities, went fairly smooth and then with the motor back together a test was about to be undertaken when an extra part was spotted on the work bench, a rather large part, a part that goes deep in the innards of the outboard and means another complete dismantling.  Like baking a cake and forgetting the sugar.

And that happened too, sorta.  The keeper was the first to be served a strawberry dessert at a recent family river gathering, and ate it all despite its tasting like salt pork.  Turns out the baker had mistakenly used salt in place of sugar, and this was discovered before anyone else ate any of the dessert.  It left the baker embarrassed and the keeper as a foil for a lot of bad jokes about his discerning palette.







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