Kickass River Trip Launch

Kickass the Doorstop Dog

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper has been busy readying his small pontoon boat to float down the Wisconsin River and then up the Mississippi with his son Mike.  Kickass has been invited along but fears he might end up being used as an anchor, so he is mulling it over.

The keeper has been known to not only court disaster, but to embrace it with great fervor.  Once many, many years ago when he did a river with Mike and his brother Rick, the keeper suffered such sunburn on his ankles that he could not walk.

On another such trip, a mini tornado blew all of their camping gear off a river sandbar—including their tent, and they had to take shelter at Hooker’s Resort where medicinal brandy was available for the keeper, and Mike and Rick got to play the pinball machine.

Monday is the planned launch between Mazomanie and Sauk.  Kickass is still mulling.



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