Kickass road trip learning

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper’s recent road trip, though it did not accomplish its original mission of meeting up with any bear, wolves hounds or hounders, was not without discovery, in part by learning of the existence of The Highground Veterans Park west of Neillsville. The mystery of why the keeper did not know of such an expansive and impressive venue considering his years of combing the state as a journalist was explained when he learned of the Park’s more recent creation and development. It is an incredible staffed facility and a worthy place to remember old soldiers and their sacrifices.

The road trip also made the point that different communities have different problems to deal with as illustrated by the “PLEASE CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR HORSE” sign in the parking area of the Neillsville Public Library.

With the distant view of the State Capital from their Vista West digs, the keeper is thinking the Neillsville sign would be very appropriate for Madison’s Capital Square: the absence of horses does not in the least mean there is no horse—- as a result of Wisconsin’s minority representation legislature, and it is time it got cleaned up.

The keeper is confident Phyllis would agree and would likely be willing to print up the sign.

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