Kickass run over by the queen

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper claims that somewhere in the debris of his life there is the experience of vacationing on a island somewhere during a coincidental visit there by the Queen; and riding in a cab that was trailed so aggressively by a vehicle bearing the Queen and her entourage that the terrified cab driver who could not get out of the way due to traffic began to whimper and sob.  The keeper and his companion in the cab’s back seat, inches from the Queen’s large horn-honking, siren-whining vehicle were about to join the cab driver with their own tears, when there was a tire-screeching opportunity to get the hell out of the Queen’s way.

The keeper has never been a fan of royalty, and that experience didn’t improve things.  He does, however, appreciate the fact that the Queen is older than he is, and yet can still find herself in unpleasant company.

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