Kickass running with young crowd

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper does not think he is too ancient to run with this young crowd whose members are demanding that the NRA-dominated politicians get off their narcissistic asses and do something about school shootings in particular and guns in general.

Back in the ‘70’s as a reporter he ran—sometimes through clouds of teargas, with a younger crowd protesting the Vietnam War.  The results of the young clear-eyed idealists’ activities were to bring down a President and end the outrageous war.

So the ancient keeper dug out his “Class of “49” yearbook, and while trying not to think about his role in letting things get so downright gun stupid, he wondered if today’s incensed kids would have anything to do with him.  He hopes so because he is as pissed as they are.  So is Kickass and many others.

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