Kickass runs with wolf pack

Kickass, the doorstop dog, noting that Walker and his narcissist crew are trying to change WS law because they don’t like it that everyone in a “democracy” deserves representation, says if the Walker gang succeeds he—Kickass plans to run off and join a wolf pack that specializes in pursuing the lame and the dumb.

Actually there are so many things that Kickass finds disturbing that such a travesty as Wis. voters not having representation ranks way down on the scale and should not interfere with his napping.

But it is tough to accept wholesale state and national dumbing down as a permanent condition, particularly when it does so much damage to the environment and human decency.  You simply cannot nap through such bullshit.  Kickass does not intend to and urges everyone to get up and run/howl with the wolf pack.


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