Kickass Russian Faceboob

Kickass the Doorstop Dog

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the Russian spending the winter in the keeper’s tractor shed—“Vladimir Faceboob”, called that because he came via Facebook, would like the following message delivered to Jared Kurshner: “Getting cold.  Tell your father-in-law to send long-john underwear and to put some on himself to cushion the blow when Mueller grabs him by the privates.”

Kickass says he does not intend to deliver the Faceboob message—which is written on the label of an empty vodka bottle, and will instead give it to Gov. Walker with the suggestion that he too get some long-johns..

Kickass says he senses the collective patience of the citizenry for such things as “Faceboob” is wearing thin as cooler weather sharpens survival instincts.  It follows that outlandish behavior becomes less tolerable as it gets more extreme and bullshit freezes harder than hockey pucks.




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