Kickass Russian Jehovah Witnesses

Kickass, the doorstop dog, said it is not often that he admits to a mistake but in the case of the news that Wisconsin was one of 21 states where the Russians stuck their noses into the last election, Kickass screwed up big time because he mistook the two Russian’s coming up the driveway for Jehovah Witnesses and followed a standing order from the keeper to discourage their loitering.

Obviously he should have known better, since Jehovah Witnesses rarely flaunt sickles and hammers, which is what the Russians seemed to be doing, though they tried to explain that they were actually bringing veto tools to Gov. Walker so he could sign a budget that guaranteed deeper potholes everywhere, except for a small stretch of road near Kenosha that is to become a super highway for trucking $3 billion out of the state in a Foxy Con job.

Kickass regrets his error and says he would never mistake Rebublicans for what they really are, and he chooses not to go any further with that.  He does add, however, that it is possible that some Repubs might be Russians, or even Jehovah Witnesses.


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