Kickass saved by the pillow guy

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is greatly relieved and happy to report that there is finally some hope that things will get worked out at the White House: he has it on good authority that Mike Lindell, the pillow guy on those ubiquitous TV ads, is being brought in to join Giuliani on the legal staff.

Lindell does not have a law degree, but, as Giuliani said, he has pillows, and every morning in lieu of the briefings, which the president dozes through, there will be a no-holds-barred pillow fight in which decisions will be made by that person best withstanding the pillow storm.

In all cases, that will, of course, be Trump himself, as experienced as he is with pillow environments and “Stormy” things.  Kickass is taking the rest of the day off to nap—on his pillow, and to do some serious thinking about maybe joining a dog sled team.

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