Kickass saves the tweets

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper, ever alert to the opportunity to do good, is stepping into the tweet void that has been distressing some citizens at the 100-day point in the Biden administration.

It turns out, there have been tweets; they are being stored in something called the “storm” and will be distributed later by Waste Management.  The tweet source is the same—the orange-haired Wizard of Odd who was evicted from the White House for not being housebroken.  A few tweet examples follow:

Tweet 95: “I am the one and only POTUS and will be returning to the WH as soon as the Arizona vote recount is completed by my wonderfully dense Repub followers with their sun-fried brains.”

Tweet 13: “What happened at the Capital on Jan. 6 was intended to replace the AG with the NRA, and put the My Pillow genius in charge of everything else; and it would have happened that way if Pence hadn’t stupidly paused to go to the bathroom.”

Tweet 68: “The Mt. Rushmore plans are going ahead with my image being added–to the right, of course, and including a model of my indecently-groping, golf-gripping hand at a lower elevation.”

Kickass says the keeper modestly acknowledges the thunderous applause and intense cheers for his tweet revival efforts, and promise a 100-day tweet of his own, probably showing only that he and Phyllis survived, for which they are very appreciative.



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