Kickass says goodbye to Pat


Kickass, the doorstop dog, says that because the keeper’s tragically deceased daughter Pat would want it that way, he is resuming his daily outburst, and will sorely miss the fact that Pat’s “like” was always one of the earliest Kickass responses.  That she and the keeper were so compatible on so many levels, speaks to the depth of their feelings for each other, and defines, in a sense, how he will miss her.  If the keeper tried to make what he might think is a profound statement about how death is a part of life for all of us, he would come off the fool—which he often does. But in honor of Pat, he will show some uncharacteristic restraint and say only that he is immensely touched by the out-pouring of sympathy and understanding from so many people.  And he will join Pat’s brother Mike in watching last night’s shooting stars and imagining that they symbolize Pat’s eternal and indelible existence as part of the great firmament.

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