Kickass sees his shadow

Kickass, the doorstop dog, like the keeper and everyone else, is still marveling at the Groundhogs Day of 2020 when the temperature was near 50 ABOVE zero and the sun finally showed so that all humans and creatures, including the groundhog, saw their shadows.  It is thus confirmed that there will be nine more months of political winter complete with storms of polls and blizzards of punditry along with ice-covered lies and downright sub-zero blather.

Seeing their shadows—many of which were oddly shaped like Mitch McConnell, has more or less directed the keeper and everyone else to dive back into their burrows with plans to emerge briefly only for the Spring flowers and an occasional family picnic until Nov. 3 when the nine month gestation of absurdity will end in the rebirth of decency and compassion.

That Groundhogs Day of 2020, that was one for the books, and the sun might even shine again today, unless, of course, it gets clouded over by the Senate.



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