Kickass sells books

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper and Phyllis will be taking their “Margaret’s War” book promotion road show to the Mt. Horeb Historical Society venue tonight (6:30 p).  The keeper talks a lot about the thousands of German POWs that were in Wisconsin in 1944-45, and how the War-isolated Wisconsin residents suddenly came face-to-face with the enemy that had been killing their sons and lovers for years.  War brings on the ultimate disempowerment of women, and the keeper talks about that too.  And though it may say less than exciting things about the keeper’s book selling experience, purchasers of Margaret’s War get a free copy of his “Ship The Kids On Ahead,” which was published back in 1967 and which the keeper needs to get the out of his damn closet after all these years. The plight of authors reduced to giving away their books may be thought of as sad, but the keeper isn’t bothered by it.  He just wants more readers, and an empty closet.  (


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